NBYO Mission

The mission of the New Brunswick Youth Orchestra is to inspire children and youth to achieve their full potential through learning and performing orchestral music.

NBYO Key Goals & Objectives

Goal 1: Develop an outstanding provincial youth orchestra program.

  • Full-time Conductor & Orchestra Manager
  • Skilled & experienced Faculty for instrument and sectional coaching
  • Orchestral repertoire with an emphasis on classical music
  • Performance opportunities
  • Special guest artist collaborations
  • Periodic touring opportunities
  • Pre-season summer music camp

Goal 2: Expand participation in orchestral music in New Brunswick.

  • Broaden the base.
    Previous Boards of Directors and two consultant studies commissioned by the NBYO concluded the NBYO does not have a broad enough base and recommended more points of entry and multiple orchestras as the means for strengthening the provincial orchestra program.  Expanding participation in the NBYO is an essential part of build-ing a robust and sustainable youth music program in New Brunswick.
  • More young people… at an earlier age.
    In the opinion of many music professionals, if we want more young people in New Brunswick to aspire to audition and perform for professional orchestras in Canada and beyond, we must involve more young people and at an earlier age in learning and per-forming orchestral music.
  • In order to address these two priorities, the Board of Directors has chosen to adopt and develop the Sistema NB program.  Introduced in 2009, Sistema NB is an after-school orchestral music program now operating 4 Sistema NB Centers in the province and engaging more than 600 children and multiple orchestras.  In addition to expanding participation in orchestral music, Sistema NB has a social and community outreach component. It engages children who are often left out and who will benefit from their involvement. 

Goal 3: Increase awareness and appreciation for orchestral music in New Brunswick.

The following strategies are employed to achieve this goal:

  • Perform at least one popular music oriented concert/program annually
  • Special guest artist collaborations
  • Media development strategies
  • Robust promotion program
  • Improved, interactive web site
  • Seat sale strategies to attract increased business and corporate participation
  • Performances annually in smaller and rural communities of the province


Finally, and importantly, each of the key objectives enhances and strengthens the others, all working together to achieve the mission and vision of the New Brunswick Youth Orchestra.